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The Aerialist Christmas List

Welcome to the 2019 Aerialist Christmas List! Here you will find great gifts to buy the aerialist in your life this holiday season... or great gifts to treat yo' self with! You do you boo! Here are some things I think you or the aerialist in your life will love to find under the tree this year.

POLE OUTFITS My students are currently loving Cleo shorts! They have so many funky patterns and the Cleo the Hurricane brand has a remarkable reputation in the pole world. The website also offers other fantastic wares like pole tops(which we want to match the shorts! wink wink nudge nudge), heels and DVDs. Aren't sure what size your pole friend is? Or worse, how big/small they want their pole clothes to be? Problem solved: Cleo offers gift cards. LEGGINGS No matter what class of mine you take, leggings are a must have! They are perfect for aerial yoga, sling, lyra and they are also great to wear during the warm up of a pole class. My all time favorite brand is Tikiboo! YOGA MAT This is great for aerial yoga so you don't have to borrow a mat but it is also perfect for stretching & working out at home. My favorite mat that is affordable and that you can find in stores like Target, Walmart & TJ Maxx is Gaiam. My favorite mat that is a bit more expensive is my travel mat from Manduka. They may seem expensive but they do have a great Black Friday Sale as well as other sales throughout the year. BOOKS I love a good pole bible and reference book. I own more books about pole and aerial then I have space to type, so just know that I love any book Spin City and Bendy Kate have to offer. If you need any recommendations or want to flip through any that I own, just ask. They also sell PDF versions if you don't want to wait for a hard copy to come in the mail. A MASSAGE Massages are amazing and they are great for body maintenance. Like getting a tune up on your car... but for your body. Here are 2 local options that you may love: Sarah Washington- She used to work from our pole space base camp before it was our pole space AND she does a great Thai massage! Evoke- Evoke is right underneath our base camp on Macartan Street. Convenient location if you are coming from classes AND she comes highly recommended by students that have used her. -Can't afford a massage? Buy them a foam roller. The more it looks like a Medieval torture device, the better. It will do the trick in the interim between massage appointments when they are having an achy pole day. PEDICURE ... because we are tired of looking at our toes during cool down! Seriously. We want pretty toes. A POLE, DUH. This may not come as a surprise to you but you never know. If we don't have a pole already, then we want one. No inappropriate jokes here. We want more pole. X-Pole is one of the top brands in the industry, and as along as it is installed correctly, it is a safe option for home poling. Want to splurge a little more? Then take a look at Lupit Pole! PRIVATE LESSONS We offer private lessons and gift certificates here at the Aerial Nomad. Want to treat someone to a private lesson or a pole series paid by you? Check out our website to treat the loved one in your life.

CIRQUE DU SOLEIL TICKETS Who doesn't want a night out at the circus to enthrall and inspire us?! Cirque Du Soleil, and other similar touring companies, have many traveling shows that may be coming to a city near you. Keep a look out for tickets!

Have anything to add to our list? Please feel free to comment so others can see the suggestions too :) See you in the air! -Allyson the Aerial Nomad IMAGE CREDITS: Top Row: Tikiboo FB page, Cirque Du Soleil OVO FB page, Cleo the Hurricane FB page Bottom Row: Local Augusta nail artist Shawn Johnson(featuring our Amayi's toes), Bendy Kate/Flexitherapy FB page, X-Pole FB page

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