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3 Health & Wellness Podcasts To Listen To

Recently, I was featured on a local podcast, Think On This. I talked with Will Bryant about pole fitness and burlesque and I had an awesome time! Want to listen to more podcasts? Here are 3 of my favorite health and wellness podcasts.

Give Me Strength by Alice Liveing- This is a feel good podcast! If you are looking for a dose of positivity in the world- this is it! Alice, who is a certified personal trainer in London, speaks to various guests that have overcome struggles to go on to do great things in their own lives as well as make changes in the world. Bad Yogi by Erin Motz- I just love Bad Yogi! Erin Motz is not only a certified yoga instructor but also a certified personal trainer. This is not just a yoga podcast either. She has a variety of guests from a sex educator that reminds you that you are normal to a doctor who talks about gut health. It is a great listen! You will feel good, inspired and you just might learn something! The Bodcast with Chloe Madeley- This is a great podcast if you are a gym bunny or someone that is interested in physique transformation. Chloe, who is also a certified personal trainer, and her guests are all extremely knowledgeable about health and fitness. I find this podcast very interesting, especially when they talk about the science behind diet, weight loss & muscle building. **You may notice that all the podcasts that I have listed are all hosted by people that are qualified. I like people that know their shit.

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