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5 Ways To Use A Block For Stretch

Blocks are so handy to use for stretching! They can not only be used as a way to prop you up during stretching time so that you don't fall out of good form but also as a great tool to help you get deeper into your favorite stretches. There are a gazillion ways to use a block! Here are just 5 ways to use a block for stretching that incorporate all parts of the body that I think you will love! -Forward Fold/Pike- This is one of my all time favorite ways to get deeper into your pike stretch. Place a block behind your heels and reach for the block instead of reaching for your toes.

-Side Hip Opener- This is a good one to get deeper into those hips and to get that bum further down if you are already close to the floor.

-Puppy pose- This is one of my favorites for tight shoulders. Blocks can be put under the hands to get the deeper into those shoulders.

- Lying down- This is great not only for opening up the front body but also for relaxation. You can place 1 or 2 blocks underneath you to support the back in various places and the head. In the picture below, I have 1 block placed under my head and another behind the shoulders to help open up the chest.

-Lunge- Place your block under the front foot for a deeper lunge. This will also give you more space, if you want to get deeper into this stretch by putting your elbows on the floor and alternatively getting that knee behind the shoulder as shown in the picture below.

-BONUS! Try placing a block under the back foot in your lunge.

*REMEMBER: Your ONE block has THREE different height options! Mix it up and use the height that feels best for you :) Also, don't have a block? No problem! BIG books work perfectly... Just like this big ass book my boyfriend started reading before we got together & still hasn't finished yet. We've been together for over two years.


**Please note, Allyson/The Aerial Nomad is not responsible for any injuries you have due to using blocks and or stretching in relation to this blog or any other workout or product she produces.

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