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Organizing Your Closet For Fitness

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Organizing your closet for fitness can be fun! It can also help keep you motivated because you will no longer need to search for your leggings, your sports bra, your gym socks... Please click on the pictures to get a better view and to get the most out of this blog. Happy organizing! ORGANIZE YOUR DISCIPLINES

I teach a few different disciplines in addition to being a personal trainer, so I have a lot of workout clothes. However, I know a lot of you do all different types of training from the gym to an aerial class, so organizing your clothes can come in handy. Think of your workout clothes as a uniform. I have all my tops separated by discipline(see right pic above): pole, aerial, yoga and other workout. Depending on what I am teaching that day, I grab a top that goes with that discipline. I wear aerial tops to an aerial class, pole tops to pole class. Am I teaching at a certain studio? I wear their studio tank top. You get the idea. All my tops are kept in a shoe box hanger and are "ranger rolled" inside their boxes to save space. WHAT ABOUT THOSE LEGGINGS?!

Now, I know you are thinking, well your shirts go there but what about the hundreds of leggings you own. DO NOT WORRY, I'VE GOT YOU. I present to you: THE LEGGINGS HANGER. You are welcome. The leggings hanger(above left and middle pic) is one of my favorite closet organizers where I can see all my colorful leggings without having to rifle through a packed drawer. You can see all your leggings at once, making it easy to choose the perfect pair for your work out. This hanger is less then $10 and can be found at the Container Store. Don't want to order one of these awesome contraptions? A pants hanger will also work perferctly(above right pic) AND you can clip one pair of leggings to each clip for maximal usage. SEPARATE YOUR TOPS & BOTTOMS

I also have my sports bras and pole shorts separated. This way they don't get mixed up with regular bras, swim suits or even underwear. Because they will. On more then one occasion, I have accidentally grabbed a sports bra instead of pole shorts and was rudely awakened when I went to go get dressed at the studio before class & had 2 bras and no bottoms. This is why I do this. I store these in hanging shelves. Top drawer for sports bras(because sports bras go on top) and shorts on the bottom(... because they go on my bottom!). The middle shelf is just for random tank tops in case it is laundry day and I need a quick plain top if my other drawers are empty. Never grab the wrong bottoms or under garments again! *knock on wood*

ALTERNATIVE SOLUTIONS Not in the mood to separate all your workout gear in your closet? Here are two alternatives to organizing your closet for fitness: -Lay out your workout clothes the night before... Yep. Just like when you were a kid and your parents made you do it. It works. If you need to go to class straight after work, then go ahead and put your change of clothes in your car the night before too. -Sleep in your workout clothes. You think I am kidding. I know I am not alone in this and it is super helpful when you have to get up super early. Pop out of bed, brush your teeth put your shoes on, let's go! Perfect if you are hitting the gym super early before work. How do you organize your closet or outfits for fitness? Are you ready to grab'n'go workout or are you nearly late for class because you can't find your sports bra? Share your organisational skills with me!

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