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Getting Into Pole- My How & Why

It's the new year(yay!) and I know some of you are interested in trying pole/aerial. Everybody starts for different reasons and everybody stays for different reasons. Here is the "how" and "why" of me getting into pole...

Back in the day when I was 14, I was on vacation in England visiting family. A show came on TV called Holiday You Call The Shots. It was a travel show where they took recommendations for the city they were visiting and they went to the top recommendations. In the episode I saw, they went to London & one of the recommendations on what to do when you’re in London on vacation was to take a pole dancing class. Yes, forget Buckingham Palace and shimmy up a pole instead! As soon as I saw it, I knew if I ever got the chance to learn to pole dance- I had to take a class! It only took a little over 5 years for me to find one, but when I did, it was definitely worth the wait! None of my friends wanted to go with me to my first class, so I went alone. I ended up making friends that I still have in my life today, even though we live in different countries now.

Early days- home poling in the worlds smallest space!

Fast forward and I have been hanging off a pole for about 10 years now, so why do I continue to be involved in pole? Yes, pole helps with being strong & flexible(can I get a bicep emoji?!)... and it's also sometimes fun to freak out friends/family members with the coolest move you have learned... but it is also amazing to be surrounded by fabulous people. Every woman(& man!) that step into my pole/aerial classes, every person I meet at a pole convention or competition IS AMAZING! People who get into the pole/aerial world come from a variety of fitness backgrounds(not everyone is a gym bunny/former dancer/gymnast), they have a variety of jobs and they know the value of hard work. They're also pretty awesome cheerleaders on & off the pole and I am glad to have these people come into my life.

Now you know a little bit more about me, how did you get into pole? OR why are you considering trying pole? Tell me in the comments below! See you in the air! -Allyson the Aerial Nomad

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