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3 Funky Exercises For Good Straddles

Here are 3 funky exercises for good straddles! These are great exercises to do on the floor since most of us don't have an apparatus at home to hang on. We straddle in many disciplines from aerial yoga to pole fitness! These exercises focus on the areas you may not always think about and they are perfectly doable from home. Happy straddling!

-Straddle lifts(lying down)- This exercise is perfect for learning how to tuck your hips! To see this move in action, click HERE!

-Straddle Leg Lifts-... half the battle is getting those hip flexors to activate, so let's work 'em! Practice lifting each leg in a straddle position while trying not to lean back as much as possible.

-Plank up downs- Use any plank variation you want to. This does not have to be done in a full plank. Moving from the hands to the forearms is great for shoulder & core stability.

-BONUS!- Plank up downs with finger tip variation- This variation is a great way to strengthen your forearms and wrists which are needed for good hand grip... because we can't straddle if we can't hold onto our apparatus right?!

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