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You're A Pole Idol! GET USED TO IT!!!

This was a "classic" blog post originally published on May 13, 2014 when Allyson taught and lived in England. 2 extra pictures have been added to this post.


Hey! Hey you! You are someones pole idol! Did you know that? My first pole idol wasn't even someone famous in the pole world. Not to sound stalkerish but it was a fellow poler, who I had been poling just a little bit longer then me, and I began to admire through Facebook & her involvements in UK competitions. Some of your favorite followers have started the same way & they probably started admiring you in pole class. There have been so many times students get down in the dumps when they struggle with a move... and what they don't realize is that, even though you are struggling, there is a fellow student across the room that is thinking, "Wow! You're amazing!" No matter how much of a beginner you think you are there is always a poler somewhere that thinks you are the best poler ever. Many times I've heard students say, "Wow so-&-so is SO good!" or "So-&-so is so flexible. They're amazing!" and I know not all of them think they're as awesome as their fellow students think they are. Never let your pole struggles get you down because your hard work inspires others to work just as hard as you. You should believe in yourself just as much as those around you.

You are someones pole idol! GET USED TO IT! ;)

Happy Pole Adventures! -Allyson

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